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This Book is About Freedom ...

“But, Sean, I want money and a lot of it. I want the ‘good life’.”

 I understand. I think it’s safe to say that most people want the ‘good life’.

That was my approach when I first got out of college too.

I thought money was the answer to the struggle. I was in for a rude awakening when I got the good life and discovered I wasn’t fulfilled.

Even in spite of enjoying how I was making the money, something was missing.

This book will make more sense as you experience it.

Jim Carrey said, “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they will know that it’s not the answer.”

I believe there are no shortcuts in life. You have to go through the processes.

And while you can’t circumvent the process, you can speed it up.

That is what I hope this book does for you - accelerates your path to freedom. I believe there are different levels of freedom.

There’s Social freedom. Financial freedom. Personal freedom.

Thankfully most of us have social freedom – the ability to get a job, choose where we want to live, what food we buy, how we spend our time.

We are not slaves in the common sense of the word. But we can easily be enslaved by money, if we do not understand how it REALLY works.

Consider this book as a guide to helping you master the real world, accelerate your success  and live life more freely.

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What Readers Are Saying ...
“Sean’s seven step process to lifestyle freedom opened my mind to how I could actually attain it. Since learning this, my vision has become a reality and I’m getting paid to live instead of living to get paid.”
Bryan Fobbs
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“What do you do when it doesn’t pay off to be exceptional? When college students enter a new playing field with old rules? Sean’s experiences, insights, and strategy empower a whole new wave of talent. I can’t wait to see this in more hands.”
Katriel Sarfati
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“Sean's lessons and strategies have opened my eyes to the full potential of what my life can be, without his words and inspiration I'd be stuck living the life someone else set out for me and not going after the life I want to live”
Shawn Winters
Remote Work Expert
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“Through the knowledge he gained, Sean began living his dream life, and has achieved a level of wisdom rarely found in someone so young. He has invested the time and effort necessary to become wise beyond his years.”

Tom Hopkins
Best Selling Author, How to Master the Art of Selling
"If you don't design your ideal lifestyle, chances are you'll never get to live it."
Sean D. Gray

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